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Research on NuLean was conducted in 7-Day, 36-Day and 6-Week Trials.

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NuLean is #1 in America!

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Tackles the Core Problem

NuLean stands apart from other weight-loss diets, programs, products or systems in that it helps target some of the primary causes of excess fat by assisting with detoxification of the body. NuLean’s easy to follow Phase 1, Phase 2 and Maintenance programs, can ensure that patients  achieve long lasting weight management goals.

Advanced Nutrition Helps Achieve Safe and Rapid Weight Loss for Life!

The NuLean program is based on nutritional science and biological research. The problems of excess weight and toxic inflammation are creating many health problems in today’s world. Expecting a magic pill or fad diet to resolve such problems overnight has proven to be unworkable, and in some cause could be dangerous. Living in today’s toxic food environment, it may not be your fault you’re overweight. The keys are simple advanced nutrition, a natural diet, moderate exercise and EFFECTIVE CLEANSING. The NuLean system combines all of these into an easy to follow, efficient regimen that yields measurable results in as little as one week. The results are often quite dramatic despite how easy it is to follow.

100% Natural / Drug-Free

NuLean is 100% natural and composed of potent herbal extracts and essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids in precise combinations proven to assist your body in detoxifying and letting go of excess weight. You can expect a resurgence of health and energy rather than the more feelings of depletion and weakness throughout the entire weight-loss process. NuLean helps revitalize and energize your body in ways you may not have felt in years!

Demonstrated by Research

Before NuLean was launched, it was subjected to multiple clinical studies which demonstrated consistent weight loss among participants. These results not only included a loss of weight and inches, but showed a reduction in fat, triglycerides, and cholesterol along with other important improvements. Before and after blood tests sampled from the participants indicated significant health benefits with the absence of any detectable risk factors.

Results from a six-week trial show:

Total Body Weight

The average weight loss after 14 days was 18.2 (± 3.7) pounds and 28.4 (± 6.5) pounds at the conclusion of the 6 week trial.

Adipose (Fat) Tissue

The average % loss of adipose tissue was 6.7% (± 0.8).

Total Cholesterol

The average loss of total cholesterol was 20.6 mg/dL (± 6.23).


The average loss in triglycerides was 18.3 mg/dL (± 4.22) for 34 of the 35.

Today doctors administer Nulean to their patients who desire rapid, safe and healthy weight loss with an overall resurgence of health and vitality. The life changing results they witness on a routine basis are nothing short of remarkable.


NuLean products contain high quality natural ingredients and are manufactured in a facility in accordance with the FDA Good Manufacturing Practices.

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