We enlisted the help of doctors and researchers to help formulate and develop a weight-loss system that not only caused people to lose weight but also markedly improved their health. We discovered that the condition of being overweight was not, in itself, the sole cause of an unhealthy body, but rather the effect of an underlying, hidden cause: toxins that enter the body from food, air and cosmetic products.

That’s not to say that lack of exercise and excess calories don’t contribute to weight gain. They do, but throughout history there have always been inactive people who have consumed massive amounts of high calorie foods. Such people couldn’t hold a candle, in terms of size and numbers, to today’s overweight individuals. In fact, it used to be that only the wealthy were overweight. Today it is the lower economic classes who are more overweight. This is because they often consume more processed foods (if you can call soft drinks and pastries “foods”), many of which are riddled with fat producing toxins (preservatives, colorings, cleaning chemicals, etc.). Toxins suppress the body’s metabolism so that it converts food to energy at a slower rate. Couple that with inactivity and the consumption of excess calories and you have a recipe for disaster. This is the state many Americans are in today.

At NuLean, our mission for starting the company was to help people cleanse harmful toxins out of their bodies and regain not only their naturally lean bodies, but also the health and vitality they deserve. According to the medical studies done on NuLean and the testimonials we hear from doctors and patients every day in our offices we are achieving that mission. NuLean is rapidly expanding. We are adding new products to our line—products that are designed to make real changes in a person’s health. All of our products contain the highest quality ingredients and each must pass a series of rigorous tests before they are qualified to receive the NuLean label.


Not a single person in today’s world can afford to ignore the alarming increases in obesity, heart disease, hypertension, diabetes and hundreds of other diseases. It’s an unpalatable fact that most of the foods we consume are no longer by definition “foods” but instead are genetically engineered mutations (GMO’s) riddled with chemical toxins. Compound that with the fact that most of us spend our days sitting at desks and our evenings in front of the television, and it’s no accident that America has become a world leader in excess weight and all the associated diseases. Adding insult to injury, drug companies storm the airwaves offering more chemicals to “solve” our health crises (that’s if we could live through the host of grisly side-effects listed at the end of each commercial).

At NuLean we pull people out of the line of fire and offer them an oasis of renewed health and vigor with our clinically tested products and guidance. NuLean products enable people to cleanse harmful toxins and  rapidly reprogram their bodies. They are in a position to win big and enjoy the full range of benefits that can result from improved lifestyle and nutrition. This, coupled with the expert care of a health professional, can result in a comprehensive restoration of natural health for you and your family and friends.

Take charge of your health & your life with NuLean!

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