Journey to a Nu Lean You with Candace

Candace wasn’t always slim and healthy. There was a time when she too needed to lose a significant amount of weight or continue to see her health decline. Being overweight was not only bad for her physical health, it also impacted her relationships with her husband, daughter and friends.

Having lost the weight she wanted, Candace is ready to share her story, provide instruction and walk with you on your path to wellness. In these videos, Candace explains the program and gives you tips on how to make it even more effective.

Please watch these videos in coordination with your progress through your NuLean User Guide.  Please contact your doctor with any questions you may have.

Starting Out
Beginning of Week 1

NuLean Candace week 1

Moving to the Acceleration Phase
End of Week 1

NuLean Coach Candace end of week 1

Continuing on the Acceleration Phase
End of Week 2

NuLean Coach Candace Acceleration Phase

Decision Point - End of Week 3 (21 Day)
End of Week 1 (7 Day)

NuLean Coach Candace Decicion Point

Continuing Management Phase
End of Week 5

NuLean Coach Candace Continuing Management

Final Video
End of Week 7

NuLean Coach Candace End of Week 7

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