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Go Clean Colon Cleanse

The Nulean Gentle Colon Cleanse, when incorporated with the eight 8 oz. glasses of water, is designed to prevent constipation. Should constipation persist, please contact your doctor.


The NuLean Weight-loss products (Phase 1 and Phase 2) were formulated to purge the body of harmful toxins that are stored in the liver and fatty tissues, resulting in weight-loss and improved immune system response. However, colon cleansing is also desirable. Depending on the level of toxicity and dietary habits a person has had, occasionally when doing either Phase 1 or Phase 2, one may experience slight constipation. It is good practice to cleanse the colon, especially if one experiences constipation while taking the NuLean weight-loss products.

As with all weight-loss programs, please consult your doctor if you experience prolonged discomfort, side effects or other symptoms.

Directions: Consult the NuLean User Guide for detailed directions.

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