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The lead physician conducting the study concluded that the overall positive results observed in the participants after just one week of doing NuLean were due to detoxification and correction of nutritional deficiencies on a cellular level.

See Trial Results below.


  • Total body weight: The average weight loss was 7.5 lb. ± 2.30 during one week of dietary treatment.
  • Body Fat Percentage: The average % fat loss was 3.02% ± 0.99.
  • Waist measurement: The average waist measurement loss was 2.32 in ± 0.81.
  • Hips measurement: This measurement was only taken on females. The average hip measurement loss was 2.80 in ± 1.05.
  • Triglycerides: The average loss in triglyceride value was 22.31 mg/dL ± 7.01.
  • Abdomen measurement: The measurement was done only on male subjects. The average loss on abdomen measurement was 2.45 in ± 0.99.

“The primary aim of the research was to test for the program safety and the secondary aim was to test for effectiveness by identifying any changes in total body weight, body fat percentage, waist, hips, chest measurements, as well as glucose, total cholesterol and triglycerides. In relation to total body weight, we achieved a significant reduction in only seven days on the program. Moreover, body fat percentage was significantly reduced during that short period. These results demonstrated in part that weight loss was due to fat loss instead of only water content or muscle loss. Waist, hips, abdomen, and chest measurements were also significantly reduced. These results are of great importance to the subjects since the loss of fat inches is what they perceive as success rather than just the loss of body weight.”



  • NECK: 0.67 cm (1.9 % reduction)
  • CHEST: 1.89 cm (2.1% reduction)
  • WAIST: 4.4 cm (5.4% reduction)
  • BUTTOCKS: 2.4 cm (2.6% reduction)
  • RUMP: 2.99 cm (3.2% reduction)


  • TOTAL CHOLESTEROL REDUCTION: 9.51 mg/dL (4.7% reduction)
  • BLOOD PRESSURE REDUCTION: 2.06/1.09 (1.6% reduction)
  • LDL REDUCTION: 4.15 mg/dL (2.0 % reduction)
  • HDL REDUCTION: 0.13 mg/dL (0.2% reduction)
  • BLOOD GLUCOSE REDUCTION: 11.5 mg/dL (12.1% reduction)

“The participants in this trial do not belong to a typical overweight category. Their BMI was an average of 25.2, which is bordering on normal. Nevertheless, the intake of the nutrient concentrate during the trial demonstrates a significant influence on lipid metabolism and body weight.”


  • Total body weight: The average weight loss after 14 days was 18.2 (± 3.7) pounds and 28.4 (± 6.5) pounds at the conclusion of the 6 week trial.
  • Adipose Tissue: The average % loss of adipose tissue was 6.7% (± 0.8).
  • Total cholesterol: The average loss of total cholesterol was 20.6 mg/dL (± 6.23).
  • Triglycerides: The average loss in triglycerides was 18.3 mg/dL (± 4.22) for 34 of the 35 patients.

“Significant reductions were found in total weight loss, total body adipose tissue, cholesterol and triglycerides while
participants experienced no clinically significant adverse effects. There were no elevations in hepatic function studies and
participants experienced normalization in SGOT, SGPT if those values were elevated at baseline.”

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