“NuLean is dead simple to implement in your practice. As of this date, I have put more than 150 patients through the NuLean program with stellar results. It’s so easy to get people to do the program. So easy! And once they get on the program the products do the rest. There’s not a lot of management.” James Owens, DC

I believe it is our responsibility as chiropractors to be aware of what we can do to help our overweight patients. Several years ago I began my search for a weight-loss program that I could administer to my patients. Of those I tried, I found most programs difficult to manage for both me and the patient. In addition, the results weren’t what I’d hoped for. Then I discovered the NuLean program that was not only easy to administer but it got sensational results, even beyond what I had expected. The program is also affordable to the patient, which I find is a big plus.”  Michael Ames, D.C.

One of the most successful things we do is a weekly lecture on detoxification and weight loss. We ask our patients to attend and to bring a friend. One major benefit using the NuLean products is that they supplied us with a NuLean PowerPoint presentation that helps us educate people on detox and weight loss. We usually get between 15 and 20 people at our talks and about 90% sign up for the NuLean program or get under chiropractic care. When people do the NuLean program they lose weight and feel great then tell their friends about it. So… yes, NuLean helps stimulate referrals.”  Jason Menge, D.C.

The best thing about NuLean is that it makes such a huge difference in people’s lives. I’ve had women who were single lose weight and regain their confidence to a point where men suddenly started noticing them again. I’ve had men patients lose weight and regain their self-esteem. Couple these positive results with the benefits people get from chiropractic care and it makes for a darn good life.”  Bruce Weary, D.C.

NuLean is one of those few products where you can very quickly get people to reach their health and weight loss goals. People feel good, you’re helping them get healthy and then you can transition them a little bit deeper into other programs you offer. Almost 80% of the population is on a diet or 80% of the U.S. population has tried a diet within a year. That’s a pretty big market. They say about 12% of the population goes to a chiropractor so if we’re going to get that 12% of the population up over it, we need to get them in the door. The best way to do that is to talk to the 80% that’s already interested, rather than only the 12% population. For my practice it has worked really well. We’ll do months of 100 plus new patients.”  Brent Baldasare, D.C.


Dr. Brian Riecker

“There I was preaching to my patients about their health while I was 50 pounds overweight and experiencing constant knee pain. I felt like a hypocrite, so I drastically cut down on calories and started exercising like mad. Eight months later I’d only lost 12 pounds! Then I heard about NuLean and, through proper cleansing, lost another 40 pounds. With renewed self-respect and health, I starting giving talks on how to lose weight. Ten times more people show up at my weight-loss talks than would show up to my talks about chiropractic. I started getting many people on NuLean and they had great results just like me.”

Dr. Brian Riecke

Dr. Edward Desjarlasis says, “I lost 20 pounds with NuLean and then began offering it in my practice. Immediately people started flocking to me wanting to lose weight. After 11 years as a chiropractor I can say it’s the best thing that I’ve ever done in practice.”

Dr. Edward Desjarlasis

Dr. Craig Mix

Dr. Craig Mix lost 25 pounds with NuLean and recommends it to all his patients that need to lose weight.

I was very sceptical of NuLean at first. Every weight loss system claims to work. Most of them don’t. Then I did NuLean myself and became a believer!

Dr. Craig Mix

Dr. James Owens lost 60-lbs with NuLean

"NuLean saved my life and helped my patient’s in ways I didn’t know was possible.

I’d been a chiropractor for more than thirty-five years, and I felt like a hypocrite. I recently discovered something that not only helped boost my practice, it boosted the health and well-being of patients in ways that I had never dreamt possible. What I found also may have saved my life. I’m not exaggerating when I say that I feel it would be a crime against my profession not to pass my discovery on to my colleagues.

As of this date, I have put more than 150 patients through the NuLean program with stellar results.

But it does so much more. 70% of Americans are overweight but 100% of people are toxic. It’s an epidemic. It’s so easy to get people to do the program. So easy! And once they get on the program the products do the rest. There’s not a lot of management. So the answer is “yes,” NuLean is dead simple to implement in your practice. The people at NuLean even offer free consulting to get you started and make sure you are a success.

Dr. James Owens

Dr. Dan Champagne

Dr. Dan Champagne lost 35 pounds with NuLean and his wife Sherry 45 pounds.

NuLean doesn’t just cause a person to lose weight and detoxify. It promotes an alkaline body as well as brings about natural eating habits that continue long after the diet is done. NuLean cleanses the very toxins out of the body that many other weight-loss products put into the body!

Dr. Dan Champagne

Dr. Shane Riemer NuLean

The very first week that I did NuLean I lost 14-lbs! I felt fantastic. My energy went up while my hunger and carb cravings went down. I continued to do the NuLean program for another 17 weeks and lost a total of 60 lbs. A year later the weight is still off! After I lost weight my patients and other people started saying things like, “You look great. What are you doing?” I would tell them NuLean and they would say, “Can I do it?” NuLean sold itself because the results were so visible on me and my wife, Cheryl, who also works in the practice.

Dr. Shane Riemer


“I was skeptical that the weight would come right back. It always had with other weight-loss products I tried. But with NuLean the weight came right off and stayed off.”
— Hope


“I have more energy than guys half my age that I work with. My digestive problems went away completely. I don’t crave sweets anymore, now I crave vegetables. I never thought I would say that, but it’s true. That’s what NuLean did for me.”
—Joel Anderson


“When every I did diets in the past the weight always come off in the wrong places. With NuLean it came off in the exact right places and it stayed off!”
— Karen Simpson


“I had a friend that had not seen me in three weeks. She saw me and her mouth dropped. She said, “You’re skinny!” What Have you been doing?” I told her I was doing the NuLean Cleanse.”
— Julie Stevens


“I was surprised. I tried plenty of other diets and they never worked. With NuLean I lost 25 pounds and the weight stayed off. I’m ecstatic!”
— Land Melendy


“I lost 25 pounds in 12 weeks, and it has been 7 months (and counting) without any weight coming back.”
— Dr. Craig Mix from Birmingham, Alabama


“I lost 30 pounds in six weeks with NuLean. My carb and sugar cravings diminished to nothing. My energy level soared. After trying so many other weight loss methods that did work I am so happy. I feel like to not only got my body back but got my life back as well!”
— Megan C. from Los Angeles, California


“It was eight weeks before my wedding and I couldn’t take the extra 20 pounds I was carrying. I was so desperate I was actually thinking about postponing the wedding. I just didn’t want to be a big girl on my wedding day. Then a friend called me and told me about NuLean. I tried it and lost seven pounds in the first week! encouraged, I continued with the program and five weeks later all 20 pounds was gone! The best news is it never came back!”
— Sky B. from Clearwater, Florida


“I researched NuLean thoroughly before recommending it to my patients and found it was the best weight-loss program out there.”


Paula Malavolti lost 50 lbs with NuLean and has kept it off for two years. Her energy level increased along with her mental clarity. She is healthier and more productive than ever. Paula and her husband, Dr. Jim Malavolti, routinely recommend NuLean to his patients.

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